What’s likely to happen over the next 150 years? (infographic)

This is an interesting question and as a person who reads allot and is into sci-fi I find this topic very fascinating. In the following infographic shows  some predictions whats likely to happen and it’s odds over the next 150 years. Interesting topics in here about the singularity (possible in my lifetime!), space bases, genetic research, and cybernetic technology. Take a look and let me know in the comments what you think! I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts!

A info-graphic covering what thinkers scientists and pundits think is likley to happen over the next 150 years!

2 thoughts on “What’s likely to happen over the next 150 years? (infographic)”

  1. Some interesting ideas here and it is always difficult to take a punt more than a few years out.
    A few comments:
    I’m pretty sure doctors are already prescribing apps, but if you created the Infographic last year then good timing.
    Location Based Games have been around for a while, perhaps not with Google Earth specifically. Check out Finga Footy with AR and location, launched a week ago http://imersianz.wordpress.com/
    People can touch one another through their phones. I saw a tweet last night about a new sex toy which has male and female parts connected via an iPhone app. You can guess the rest. I didn’t keep the link, but should be easy to find.
    China claiming land on the moon is interesting. If North Korea still exists, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them doing the same and possibly Iran.

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