The Many Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Before you read any further on this post make sure you visit this site: I was surfing the net and ran across the DHMO (H2O).org site and nearly busted a gut laughing, but what was really funny is how many people in different Internet forums have come out strongly against DHMO before even knowing what it was. Dihydrogen Monoxide is water!This web site is a great example of how marketers and spinster politicians play on the emotions of the public or use disinformation to close a sale, or sway public opinion for political gain. I’m not posting this as a what to do article, but rather a what not to do, or what to watch out for. You competition very well may be using similar tactics to take away your clients right now. It is your job to not only service your customers but to educate them with good information so that they can make the best and most informed decision possible for themselves or their company.I hope you enjoyed this, had a good laugh, and will pass this on to a friend. I was very busy this week, and did not get the quantity or quality of posts I wanted to; but I will be back to my regular posting schedule starting today. -Brad

3 thoughts on “The Many Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide”

  1. How did you know that it was just water? Water tainted with what? I keep looking for an article that conferms that, and of course, that article does not exist. I have to ask……Brad, are you part of the cover up?

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