The Bladepad for the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 – Kickstarter

The Bladepad for the iPhone 4s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 / New iPad

I’m just going to come right out and say I LOVE first person shooter games. I am not at the Major league Gaming level, but I’m not bad and I really enjoy playing online multiplayer and testing myself against others. That said… I have always been disappointed that the gaming experience I have had on my iPhone and iPad 3 has been a major let down.


Enter the Bladepad for the iPhone 4s and iPad 3 (iPhone 5 to launch in December):

I’m very hopeful for this product. It looks like they have really thought this out. First it had duel analogue thumbsticks something my Nintendo 3DS XL (on pre-order) does not have. You don’t really get to see much game play on the video, but I like the layout of the device (It is VERY similar to the layout on my X-Box 360) and I really like how easy it is to un-clip the controller from the protective case so you do not have to lug a bulky slide out controller around in your pocket. I can see myself playing this on the bus on my way to work, on the plane, or just hanging out at home. For $69 on Kickstarter with a MSRP of $99 this looks like a steal! More good news is that it is releasing for Android soon!

So, what do you think is this a fund, wait and buy at MSRP if it works, or a no-go?

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