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Bugdroid The Android Robot Made From Lego Bricks!

I was checking out Lego.Cuusoo today where amature builders can submit their ideas to Lego for consideration to be built into official Lego kits when I found this awesome Bugdroid the Google Android logo made from Legos:

Bugdroid the android logo made from Lego Bricks
The Android logo build out of legos!


Now most of my friends know I am a HUGE Apple fan, but I like to think of myself as OS agnostic. I am by no means a fanboy I do have a preference for IOS over Android and OS X over Windows though I do/ have own products with all three operating systems.

Anyways I thought this little Droid was kind of awesome and worth sharing so here he is! make sure you click the support button if you want to see this go into production.

If you are curious this was designed in Lego Digital Designer a free product from Lego that helps you design your own creations and create brick lists. If you love Legos you may be interested in supporting this Jawa Sandcrawler or the Mars Curiosity Rover as well.

What are YOU building?