Google Maps is now available for iPhone!

Google Maps for iOS 6I am an iPhone junkie! I love my iPhone and I love iOS. That being said I am not Such an Apple fan boy that I am unwilling to call them out when they screw up. I have very high expectations from Apple when it comes to quality, service, and user experience. When I launched the Apple Maps app for the first time I was stunned by how awesome it looked. Downtown Bellevue Washington was beautifully rendered and I thought “This is going to be awesome!” Then I used it… and let’s just be honest here… They sucked. Now for all you Android fans out there. I had an Android phone and I liked it. I REALLY liked the maps on Android. However, the Google Maps I had on my phone was NOT The same maps Android users were getting, and that was what Apple was trying to fix. With that in mind, for me if ONE good thing came out of the whole Apple iOS Maps debacle; it was that I now have turn by turn directions on my Google Maps iPhone app! YAY! so head on over to the app store and download it!

From Google:

People around the world have been asking for Google Maps on iPhone. Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that Google Maps is here—rolling out across the world in the Apple App Store. It’s designed from the ground up to combine the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Google Maps with an interface that makes finding what you’re looking for faster and easier.

via Google Maps is now available for iPhone | Official Google Blog.

3 thoughts on “Google Maps is now available for iPhone!”

  1. Oh, my cousin just mentioned this on FB. She works for Apple and couldn’t understand why people were blaming Apple for what is a technology made by someone else. I explained that if that’s all Apple had to offer, than that’s why. I love my Droid Pro, but with my renewal coming up end of this month, I’m tempted to switch to an iPhone. Not one for change, but I just love the camera on the iPhone better and hear so many good things about it.

    1. Apple Maps were terrible.. and people were mad at apple because they initiated the change. I’m happy to see Google back! I am OS agnostic. I just like good tech so this is a BIG win for me!

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