Free Juice recipe book from the Juice Master Jason Vale

Updated With New Resources  8-17:

Sadly after several years of availability the Jason Vale book I linked to is no longer posted for download on his site. However, I have updated this post with several free (at the time of this update) juicing e-books available on Amazon because I do not feel right about posting his work on my site for free. I’ve worked hard to give you several options I think you will like.

Juicing is GREAT for your body!

Anyone who knows me knows I live a healthy lifestyle! My friend Shane from running on Juice turned me on to juicing a while back and I have been hooked on juice and smoothies ever since. I think people are curious about juicing, but are afraid to try it out, and I think that’s just silly. You have not lived until you have had a glass of fresh apple juice with NOTHING in it but pure apple goodness! That’s all it took for me. The best news is that it is just the beginning. I have regularly made juices with 7-10 ingredients and when you start doing that you can get some truly amazing flavors, in about the same prep time as it would take to make toast and cereal.

7 Pounds in 7 Days

If you don’t know I am a HUGE fan of Jason Vales 7 Pounds in 7 days and lost 10 pounds in a week drinking nothing but fresh fruit and veggie juice and I felt GREAT the entire time. In fact, I still drink juices or smoothies nearly every day as part of my diet plan.

Lots of people worry about being overly hungry on this kind of diet and I can assure you I was never hungry. In fact, on many days I failed to drink all of the juices in my plan because I was completely full. It was a bit of a cultural adjustment getting used to consuming so much produce, but the change was totally worth it.

My Favorite Juice Recipe:

Yesterday I made “Spring is in the Air”  and it was amazing! This juice has 3 apples, 1  orange (peeled), and 1/2 a pink grapefruit (peeled) and juiced together, then blended with 8 strawberries, a banana, and a handful of ice. the wonderful thing about juicing is it is so easy to change a recipe so you always get something you will enjoy.  Anyways, I could go on and on about the benefits of juicing and I probably will at some point… But for today I just wanted to make sure people knew about the free e-book and had a chance to get a copy because the recipes I have tried so far were awesome!

This recipe originally had 2 apples, but I upped it to 3 because I thought it was too tart. The wonderful thing about juicing is it is so easy to change a recipe to make sure you always get something you will enjoy.  Anyways, I could go on and on about the benefits of juicing. For today I just wanted to make sure people knew about These free resources I’m about to share.

4 Free Juicing Resources

40 Juicing Recipies

 40 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss and Healthy Living (Juicer Recipes Book) 






Juicing for weightloss


Juicing for Weight Loss: Unlock the Power of Juicing to Lose Massive Weight, Stimulate Healing, and Feel Amazing in Your Body





Smoothie Recipes for rapid weightloss


Smoothie Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss







Fruit Infused Water: The Ultimate Fruit Infused Water Book: 48 Vitamin Bottle Recipes For Weight Loss, Detox, Liver Cleanse, & Skin


34 thoughts on “Free Juice recipe book from the Juice Master Jason Vale”

  1. No poblem. I’ll e-mail you a copy right now. Just let me know if you don’t get it! I think you will REALLY like it! 🙂 Some of my new favorites are from this book and Jason Vale is awesome!

  2. I wasnt able to pull up your ebook either. This is all new to me and Im so excited. I just purchased my Breville Juicer last night and I cant wait to get started. One question, does it matter if Im a diabetic? I think not but just asking. So if I add more apples for sweetness, thats ok correct?

    1. Cheryl,

      I know a few people have had an issue getting the e-book downloaded from Jason’s site, so I e-mailed it to you. 🙂 As for juicing as a diabetic I am not 100% sure what to tell you because that is not an issue I have been faced with… The best book I have read on Juicing is Slim for Life it is VERY good and this book along with The Juice Masters Ultimate Fast Food are the too books that got me into juicing. The big issue for you based on my personal experiance is getting used to green juices with a touch of carrot, apple, or pineapple to sweeten them. I would imagine there are books on juicing for diabetics and would sugest you talk to a Naturopathic Doctor or a experienced diabetic that juices for some recipes that will work for you.

    1. I’m not sure what the issue is with getting the book of of Jason’s website, but people seem to be having trouble with it, so here is a direct link to it on my site. 🙂 Please let me know if you enjoyed it. I think there are some AWESOME juices in there. Jason Vale is the man and you should check out his books if you find some things you like. his stuff is truly life changing!

  3. i can’t open the e-book. does juicing really work effectively for weight loss? can you please email me the e-book.

  4. Urisha,

    I have had a FANTASTIC experience with juicing. My energy has been way up and I feel great. I have lost about 20 pounds since I started and have gone from a size 48 pants to a size 40.

    1. If you are clicking on the link I posted in the comments on 5/16 the link works, but it is very slow to download because it it a very large file. Be patient! 🙂

  5. would really like too get that juicing book just purchased a nice juicing machine from GNC looking too find about good recipies.

  6. hi, can you please send me the juicing book as I cannot open the link. Im really excited to start juicing as I have purchased my juicer already… Thanks so much.. Janene

  7. Super! Thanks a lot, Brad! I’ve had my juicer for 5 years now, been using it regularly (loved it from the very first second) but have never done a juicing diet yet, also never had a wide variety of recipes… now that I have the free book, also have a DVD from Jason Vale, I’m starting the juicing today! Planning to do it for 14 days… so excited about it! Thanks again for the free-book!

  8. Hi there, new to juicing.. please email your offer.. in the process of getting the books too.. Question, there are so many juicers out there.. which one do you recomend that wont burn a huge hole in my pocket

    1. To get the juicing book all you have to do is follow the link to Jason Vales site and enter your email address. As for what Juicer I use a Breville Juicer that I feel is a good value for the amount you spend. I recommend you buy the best juicer you can afford because the higher end ones extract more juice per pound of fruit/ veg. A little savings now could cost you a lot in produce later. 🙂

  9. Hi

    I’m new to juicing and have tried downloading the book but I guess I’m one of those that can’t seem to download it. Can you please email me the book and/or any other good recipes. Thanks 🙂

  10. i cant open the ebook can anyone email me it as im raring to go with the whole juicing thing need to shift some pounds and get the body and skin feeling the way it should

  11. Hi Brad,

    Is it too late to request the ebook for 7 lbs 7 day super juice diet? I am serious about juice and want to start. Thank you.

    1. You get it by following the link and signing up for Jason Vales free newsletter. It’s totally worth it. 😉

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