Delicious homemade frozen yogurt in the Vita-Mix!


I made the BEST frozen yogurt in our Vita-Mix blender tonight. I tell people all the time how awesome the Vitamix is, but I really don’t think most people really “get it” because they only look at it as a smoothie machine and forget that it is also able to cook soup and freeze ice cream and frozen yogurt!

Here is what I did: Add 1 pound frozen strawberries, 1 cup vanilla yogurt (you can use greek yogurt but it has a texture I do not like in this recipe so try it at your own risk), and 1/8 cup Splenda. All you do is put everything in the vita-mix and blend until it is thick and smooth. The Vitamix blends the berries so quickly that as they are chopped and stirred they freeze the yoghurt making a delicious sweet creamy frozen yogurt.

I’m planning to make this with frozen pineapple and coconut soon! This is an awesome healthy recipe the entire family (including the kids) LOVED! High in protein and fresh fruit makes it a great way to cap off the day! For me losing weight is not easy, and I am an ice cream LOVER so this recipe is a BIG winner in my house. I know the Vita-Mix is expensive and that a lot of people have a difficult time justifying the expense but it has become an appliance I use nearly every day and I do not regret for one second my purchase.

If you are trying to lose weight or just eat healthier by making smoothies you should try The Smoothie Diet. It’s a great way to get started and the kit also comes with kid friendly smoothies, gluten free and diabetic friendly recipes, an exercise guide, and a healthy eating guide.

7 thoughts on “Delicious homemade frozen yogurt in the Vita-Mix!”

  1. Yes they are expensive but as you say so worth it.

    I have the Blendtec its rival. It was 400 bucks, I was crying as I handed over my hard earned cash.

    Each time I switch the Blendtec on it tells me how often I have used it. It was on 402 this morning. So each smoothie has so far cost a buck a go! Not bad value at all.

    1. Ya, and smoothies is only the beginning of what you can do! We have used it to make frozen yogurt, peanut butter, soup, and so many other awesome things! I LOVE the Vita-Mix!

  2. After the mixture freezes, add some walnuts and just put the VitaMix to 3 for a few seconds. Absolutely delicious.
    My VitaMix is the BEST small appliance purchase I’ve ever made given how often I use it, both winter and summer.
    I’ve used all sorts of frozen fruit, blueberries with a touch of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla is incredible!
    I’ve read that you can add a couple of dates for sweetness so that you don’t have to use Splenda but I haven’t tried it yet. I use Fage 0% Greek yogurt and it’s way to tangy without adding the Splenda.

  3. oh, and for smoothies, I cold-steep double chai tea bags ( Target) and use that as the liquid for fruit smoothies, if you like Chai, you’ll like the flavor in your smoothies!
    For whole grains, start off the smoothie with 1/4 C Organic Toasted Oatmeal, just mill it for a few seconds till it’s a powder and then add your fruit, veggies and liquid. It thickens the smoothie if you like them thick and sneaks in some whole grains.

  4. You can use stevia to sweeten your smoothies. Splena and Sweet and Low are harmful chemicals that actually make it harder for you to lose weight, and have lots of negative side effects. Google it to find out. It’s actually healthier to use sugar rather than the chemical sweeteners. But, there’s Stevia, which is made from the Stevia plant, it’s all natural, has ZERO calories, no negative side effects, and tastes great. Be sure to get a Stevia product that’s not cut with something else. Only 100% Stevia.

    1. I have switched to Stevia since writing this it’s my new favorite. I love it! My brand of choice is Truvia. It’s much sweeter than sugar and a little goes a LONG way. 🙂

  5. Love my vitamix…actually ‘inherited’ my mother’s as she wasn’t using it – brought it back to Europe where I now live – needed to buy a converter box that could handle that power – it takes up counter space but I use it almost daily making batches of smoothies, frozen yoghurt and it’s great for turning roasted veggies/veggie broth into a creamy tasting soup! Recently was visiting family in the states and stopped by gmc – picked up some powdered peanut butter (pb2 – also comes in a chocolate version but that was sold out) I add a teaspoon of that and a spoonful of vanilla flavored protein powder to greek yoghurt and frozen banana pieces – delicious! Even more protein and the bananas are so sweet there isn’t really need for additional sweetener. Going to make your strawberry version next 🙂

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