Day 7 – will I ever learn?

It’s finally Friday! I made it through the work week and other than a few nutritional blunders everything has been awesome. Today unfortunately was a nother so so eating day. It was my friend’s birthday and we went to the Olive Garden for lunch. I opted for soup, salad, and bread sticks thinking this was the best option for me. However, I have learned white bread and a cream based soup is not the best option. yet again I found my self with a headache and a bit of an upset stomach. For dinner I was at a charity auction and basically had to eat what I was given. I had 20 ounces of fresh apple, carrot, cucumber, ginger juice on y way in case I wasnt happy with my options. I was happy to get beef fajita, black beans and some chips with guacamole. Not ideal choices, but not the worst thing I have eaten all week either. I flushed with a TON of water and was feeling a bit better by the time I got home. I put the girls down and then got my run on again at about 10:15 PM. Feeling good, but tired after a long day at work followed by the late night out I kept it short again to rest up a bit. I’m still focusing on building habits and getting the body back into the swing of things. My goal is to stay conservative and not hurt myself Here are the run details:

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