Day 20 – Yet another rest day!

Yet another rest day running with Sophia. I am forcing myself to be patient and slow down… I know I could go flat out again and feel great. For a day or two… But rest is important and I am making sure I get it. t is imperative that i eat well and get plenty of rest . Running damages muscles and rest is when you rebuild them and get faster. I had another GREAT nutrition day and got in a easy run with Sophia. Best of all this is the first time in a while that I have posted my blog post up the same day it happened. I have several good recipes I’ll try to share today. I had black bean and quinoa tacos, stir fry, a smoothie, fresh juice, and some awesome homemade frozen yogurt. I’ll try to get some recipes up real soon!

2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Yet another rest day!”

  1. You are doing well Brad! Glad to read you are thinking about taking things slower.

    I ran an unplanned 7 miles on Tuesday night. I only planned on running four. Tonight my 4 miler was a sluggish run. Recovery is very important!

    1. LOL! I was hitting it hard, and realized I was waking up still tired and my back and knees were a bit achy. I feel MUCH better now. A few days off good rest, some good eating, and a trip to the chiropractor is all I needed. 🙂

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