Day 2 – Running with Sophia

The server crashed last night and I lost all the data associated with the site except yesterdays post,  so I am playing catch-up to get all my runs logged here. Whenever you start something new there are always bumps in the road, so I am just rolling with it. I changed the app I was using to track my runs from Runkeeper to Runtastic. So far I am very impressed with the Runtastic app for the iPhone and am especially happy because they have blog widgets to share my stats. It also has a cool feature that lets people cheer you on while you are running by clicking a link that appears on your Facebook wall while you are running.

Anyways… Todays run was with Sophia my 6-year-old. We didn’t set any world records, but that’s not the point at this stage of the game. all I am trying to do right now is get in the habit, have a good time, and get the body used to running daily. Most importantly, Sophia had a GREAT time!


April 10th run details with Sophia.



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