Day 11 – another late night run!

I had a good day of eating, but I have been struggling with stress and am starting to feel a bit stressed out and burned out. Not of running or my diet, but basically everything else. Today was a long 12 hour day at work followed by 2 hours at bible study. When I got home I was tired, but I felt fairly good once I got out the door. It wasn’t my fastest time, but I felt strong. I probably came out the gates a little fast, as you can see I has steadily diminishing times… My back started aching a bit. I REALLY need to work on my core strength. I am thinking about pulling out my P90X DVDs and doing Kempo, Cardio-X, and Yoga X each once a week. That would add in come good cross training, build core strength, and keep things shaken up a bit. despite being a bit professionally burnt out I feel VERY good. I just feel like I need a few days off work. Anyways, here are the details of todays run:

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