How to Choose Your Attitude!

What a DaySince Friday of last week, I have had one bad day after another and it really stinks! Unfortunately, so has my attitude! I’m sure we have all been there, what is surprising about this is the fact that I am one of those people who is “always in a good mood”. I am usually the person people who are having a bad day turn to when they need an uplifting comment. In general my “bad moods” last about an hour!

The great news is one of my sales people said something to me that I say at least three times a week and it really turned around my day. Three simple words really did change everything for me… Choose your attitude!

Everything started last Friday when I had enough deals fall off my roster to the point that it was obvious to me that I would not beat my market plan for the first time… Then my boss’s boss asked me to do something that I strongly disagreed with. Finally when I tried to take my wife and daughter to the drive in to catch a movie and take my mind off things, three hours of my life had been taken away when the theatre could not get the sound functioning! In my mind, things went from bad to worse all day long. Needless to say, when I went in for a special event at work on Saturday, which went well, it still didn’t lift my spirits. Finally, Sunday I was an hour late to a party after driving around lost for what seemed like forever! Needless to say, by Monday morning I was DREADING the thought of going in and sure enough, I found out that 3 more sales that would not close until next quarter.

I was very frustrated when I sarcastically announced that I was going to my office to cry! Shockingly this is where everything turns around… One of my reps turned to me and said “Hey man… Choose YOUR attitude!” My reply was still a bit sarcastic when I said I was choosing to cry… a few people laughed, but when I went back to my office I really did feel better. There were several reasons for this. First, I have said that SO many times and I was elated to finally know someone else had picked up on it and was obviously taking action on a very simple concept. In addition to that, while I may not be in the running to make market plan, I am going to close 125% of the same quarter prior year and that is nothing to sneeze at! And finally, this quarter is not over! I still have 2 weeks to drum up some business and make up some lost ground!

I spent the rest of the day trying to uplift my team and encourage them… With the attitude, I had before there was no way we could make our goal because I was already telling myself we couldn’t. Brian Tracy talks a lot about the Law of Attraction and I was falling right into the trap. Basically, it states that you will attract into your life things that fall in line with your dominant thoughts. If you think you stink… You probably do! If you believe you will always be poor you most likely will be. I believe you can change your stars if you believe in yourself, work hard, and study to better yourself every day.

Success is an attitude. Before you can be the best salesperson in your office you have to believe there is no reason you can’t be. Then you have to start to actually believe you are… even if the numbers do not support it yet! In sales, every transaction is independent to one another. Your customers are not calling each other to collude against you! The only constant is you and your own attitude. You need to pick up the phone every time like it was the first call you have made that day. The second prospect you talk to has no idea if the call before them was good or bad. Every second of every day we are making choices and they all stem from attitude. If you want to be consistently successful you need to ask yourself… Am I choosing my circumstances or am I letting them direct me?

For Further Study:

Check out Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 an awesome program that will help you to learn to adjust your thinking patterns and be more successful.

For Discussion:

How has your attitude affected your success? How do you get yourself back on track when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts?

3 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Attitude!”

  1. Brad,

    You are absolutely right about the law of attraction. I have been going through this in my life as well. The other thing is expectations. If we don’t hit the high expectations for ourselves, sometimes we feel frustrated and it’s hard to view the positives. It is important to do exactly what you did by seeing the positive outcomes of the situation.

  2. This is like the old days, the three of us keeping each other on the positive attitude trip. Brad you have never been so right, I can’t believe that those words actually came out of my fingers.

    Choosing to be positive and choosing to be upbeat are choices we all make.

    Like AA, my expectations of myself are much higher than those placed upon me by any outside agency. The past year has been a struggle for me because I am accustomed to high achievement and I feel I have been an underachiever. It is challenging not to let this effect my attitude, as I try very hard to come to work fired up and ready to go everyday.

    Employees that are fired up should be encouraged not discouraged from expressing themselves and allow their energy to spread to the rest of the team.

    The three of us were confined to a very small space, each bringing with him individual goals and aspirations, at present all 3 of us have been successful in what we have chosen to do, including our attitudes,

    Stay positive my brothers, put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. If all else fails go to the gym and lift some weights or go for a swim.

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