Can Tabletop RPG’s Make You More Confident And Successful?

When people think of tabletop RPG’s the first thing that most people think is “Wow… Huge nerd!”  I have for many years thought that there were countless uses for games as a tool for teaching children, developing skills, and developing quality real life relationships. So much in fact, that I have committed a lot of time and study to the idea, so it’s always nice to see that someone else agrees with you!

By the way he uses DnD as the example, but the case is just as true if you use Shadowrun, Traveller, World of Darkness, Mouse Guard, Eclipse Phase, or any other game you can think of. Honesty, I believe the more games you play the more this may be true, because it is teaching you to be flexible and uses different systems and tools to solve a similar issue.

Games teach imagination, problem solving, strategy, and social skills. They also encourage reading and develop strong long-lasting relationships with others. I honestly can not think of a single reason a parent would not want their kids to grow up gaming. I understand the argument about violence many people will make. To that I will say some of the best gaming sessions I have had have lasted 4-6 hours and not have a single combat. Fighting is not always the best way out of a problem and nearly every game has rules for negotiation and other alternative solutions many of wich are far more entertaining! That however is a topic for another post. 🙂

The question here is: What do YOU think? Can games make us better people?

3 thoughts on “Can Tabletop RPG’s Make You More Confident And Successful?”

  1. I think that games requiring strategy over luck in order to win are a great developmental tool. And I suspect that my sons (now grown) would agree that the games we played when they were younger helped them to develop their critical thinking skills and enhanced problem solving capabilities. Maybe not ‘Devil Bunny Needs a Ham’ but some of the more advanced games require you to ‘think outside the box’ as well as thinking a few moves ahead and attempting to steer your opponent’s strategy…

  2. I had no idea that these games even existed. I’ve heard of D&D, and remember hearing about kids playing when I was in school many years ago.

    I’m sure this type of game would provide a value in all of the things you point out, though there are many methods to learn them outside of these games.

    The video is interesting, but if you don’t know how the game works (like me), you’ll get a little lost in keeping up with his incredibly fast-paced monologue (like I did)!

    I definitely agree with you that games, in general are extremely effective tools in education, and the more interactive, the better. So, it would make sense that role-playing games would be highly effective. And, as you pointed out, with the right parameters, you can still have a very enjoyable and actionable game, without the violence.

  3. hey, thanks for your post, I think that tabletop games cannot make you more successful but confident, for sure 🙂

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