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I was on LinkedIn tonight and I saw a post about TravelersTable.com a social networking site that encourages real time meetings between people over coffee. I did a bit more research and also found http://www.zoodango.com/ a competing site that seems to be a bit further along in the growth process. I have been on LinkedIn for quite a while, and have recently joined MyBlogLog; both of which have been very helpful to me despite the lack of real time interaction involved. Real time meeting perked my interest though because I am a true extrovert, and I love meeting new people, so I did a bit more research and found an interview with the CEO of ZooDango James Sun ( Apprentice Season 6 contestant).I think this is a compelling new way to go about social networking. It makes me a bit nervous because you never know who you will meet, but I guess that could also be the fun part of it. I am curious to see what others have to say about this and here stories from anyone who has tried it out. I am planning on signing up and will blog my own tale of adventure soon.

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  1. Hi Brad,

    Interesting post. I hadn’t heard about either of those sites and the prospect of real time meet-ups sounds a promising one. BTW–I never got back to you about your question on my blog. The answer is Yes. You can share your blog posts on Facebook through an RSS feed. I know it’s a hassle to set up another sns account, but many of the applications being made available on Facebook by 3rd parties are a peak into the future of sns. I’m not so active on my Facebook account, but I’m watching the flow of traffic and information as well as which applications are being widely used. Still tons to learn!

    Talk soon,

  2. Thanks for the feedback. TravelersTable.com is a free business and social networking tool that helps you connect offline with people you want to meet in the places you will be — whether traveling or near home.

    It’s not limited to US and can be used to arrange a variety of meetings, and not just for coffee. You can set up meetings with friends only, with a mix of friends and “new” people, or with “new” people only. On the flip side, you can browse invites posted on TravelersTable.com and accept proposed meetings that interest you. If the meeting organizer approves your acceptance, you may attend!

    With TravelersTable.com, meetings can be arranged for purposes of social networking, business networking, sharing common interests, or any other purpose. TravelersTable.com will be a valuable resource to you, whether you are striving to further your professional or business goals or are simply interested in meeting new people. Use TravelersTable.com to:
    • Network with other professionals
    • Meet others in your industry
    • Investigate or promote a job opportunity
    • Get together with potential customers
    • Convene with fellow alumni
    • Learn more about a topic of interest
    • Rally with fellow sports fans
    • Gather with other hobbyists
    • Organize a play date for your kids
    Try posting an invite for a meal, coffee, drinks, golf, or any other activity or event. Meet new people in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris, Shanghai or wherever you will be!

    We recently launched the beta and are looking for feedback (which you can provide by clicking “Feedback” at the bottom of the site). We are rolling out several new features and improvements in the coming months. Please sign up, try posting an invite and spread the word! Thanks, John

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